At various points in my life I was confronted with this fact: there is no life without moments of fear, sorrow, pain and longing. Seeing the pain of the people I work with, as well as the pain of my loved ones, and my own moments of pain and discomfort. However, those moments also made me see how much resilience there is in us as humans, and how it can create space for joy and laughter.

For me, resilience is about allowing this and being able to take the next step. The raw edges (however thick they sometimes can be) are part of it. And the harder we push that away, the harder it will come back to us. When we allow it, we create space. Space to choose how to proceed. What is my response to this situation? How do I want to be known?
And maybe even: can I also appreciate and love myself with everything that comes up in these moments?

For me, resilience is the ultimate recognition that life is a learning process that never ends, as long as we have the courage to live life fully.

As an applied psychologist I discovered my passion: to invite others and myself to be transparent about our struggles in order to embrace life’s challenges with more resilience and joy. I believe that when we share our insecurities, failures and vulnerabilities – not to show how much pity we deserve or how strong we are, but to be honest about what’s inside of us – we create stronger connections that help us hold ourselves through anything.

I am a conscious, creative entrepreneur and life coach who works together with other awesome entrepreneurs and beautiful people to birth beautiful coaching programs, retreats, workshops and other projects from my heart, like this circle of resilience into this world.
I also create personal blends with essential oils to empower a personal intention or theme into your life.

Send your lucky number (or any number that comes up) in an e-mail to Marcella, and she will draw you a card from the carddeck ‘the Goddess Oracle’ by Amy Sophia Marashinsky.
You will receive a photo of the card + meaning and a digital personal affirmation card, handwritten by Marcella.

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