“We believe that the circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we feel raw and vulnerable, and sing to us when we feel strong and joyful. We are made to encourage each other. So let yourself be held and come and rest in the arms of the divine feminine. Show yourself for who you are in your wisdom and resilience, be a kind mirror that inspires and activates, yourself and others.”.
A combination of SARK wisdom and our own.

Inspiration ebook

This is our ebook to inspire your gratitude and reflection. A booklet with questions to write about, questions that help you to let go of 2023 and invite 2024 in. – Free for you to download.

During the transition of 2020 to 2021 we felt the need to bring together stories of women on the art of life. Stories on their way of resilience, being braver and stronger than they would have thought themselves to be. 

Our first circle was in Dutch, and then we felt it was not over yet. So we started with an English speaking global edition in the spring of 2021. And then it just kept calling us, to open up the wisdom and bring little pearls of hope and comfort and support. We added Resilient Advent, and our Release and Invite e-book, and new inspirational videos on creativity as time went by. And so here we are a few years later, still showing up, and we welcome you as part of our circle. 

We love to slow down and have real conversations, fired by our longing to connect from the heart and womb, to be present to what is, sit with it. 

We are inviting women to stand up and listen to the call to bring their gifts into the world. To be the change you want to see in the world, and to bring about a world we know is possible for the generations to come. 

By saying yes to our mailinglist, you get acces to these conversations. You can choose your own time and place to listen and/or watch them. On a walk in nature, on a slow lazy morning or as part of your daily practice me-time. It is up to you.  Every conversation brings inspiration and food for thought as well as a practical exercise to enjoy. 


We would love this Circle of Resilience to be like a soft gesture of welcome, to enter a good place to connect and be in community. To remember your feminine power of creation. 

It is an invitation to remember that when you step into your power, your divine feminine power, the love that is the source will flow over to all that you care about; your family & friends, your mission, your community, your clients, customers & colleagues, your land. 

We love to tell you more about our vision


Who are we?

Marike van IJssel en Marcella Hartjes.

Two women, two generations, both loving to dance barefoot, taking long walks on the beach, and yes-sayers. We want to explore life in all its glory and really feel alive. Juicy, honest and courageous.

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What, how and whom

Online conversations about life with inspiring women from all over our wonderful earth. They share their wisdom about living a resilient and full live.
Together we explore the Nine ways to WellBeing: nurturing self care, relaxation and recharging, creativity and joy, beloved body, relationships, giving and receiving, nature’s wisdom, open to learning, and awareness.

Read and listen to more about the Nine ways of WellBeing.


On international women’sday March 8th, we started our first global circle. We both got to celebrate our birthdays in the days after and this circle felt like a precious treat from our hearts to give to yours.

As we moved forward with the conversations, more and more inspiring women appeared on our path and we decided to keep having amazing meetings to nourish our own hearts and hopefully yours.

Come and meet our guests from the first edition 

Come and meet our guests from the second edition 

Come and meet our guests from the third edition 

Where do our guests come from?