Marike (left) and Marcella (right) have known eachother since 2015, even though it feels like much much longer. They have been working together on happinessprojects in various places in the Netherlands called the Geluksroute and other projects regarding inspiration and connection.
Their journey in life focusses on living from the heart and womb, daring greatly and sharing the power of vulnerability.  Living life with joy and playfulness, from embodied love, embracing the shadows so the light can shine through. 

Some of their favorite moments together:
– In the hottub and then dancing in the night at the Lorelei festival
– Singing out loud during a Fia concert
– Swimming in the sea whenever possible
– Holding space during fullmoon celebrations and other circles.
– Exploring intentional creativity exercises.

Marcella on Marike

Marike is a woman who embodies words like playfullness, vulnerability and source wisdom. She reminds me time and time again how life comes together in the intersection of light and dark. And how gratitude and happiness are to be found in the little things. She fully embraces life, including both the small pleasures and humor as well as the raw pain and challengers.

It is such joy to dance together with her through life.

Marike on Marcella

Such a gift to travel through life with this amazing woman. She takes the steps with her courageous heart while taking time to skip and hop along the way, or to rest in the sun with her favorite cup of tea.

Describing what she means to me is like making a gratitude-list, I can keep writing and it all brings a smile to my face. I look forward to what else our powers of co-creation will birth into the world, en how we will still enjoy the wonders of life even 30 years from now.