In our journey with resilience and happiness we saw the same core elements coming up, time and time again. They are not exclusive off course and open to interpretation as the richness of life will never be caught in a model. The magic of love, light, gratitude, surrender and trust is woven in to our nine ways to WellBeing. We love to take you on an exploration into these ways, that are like the petals on a flower. Both research as well as personal and practical experience has led to our naming them.

They are like ingredients which enrich the recipe and make it even more delicious, when they are combined. No either-or choices but and-and. Thus changing the static linear cause-effect path to an organic cyclic process that evolves with each step.

We share them in images, in spoken and written words: take time to feel what and how they resonate with you. .

Nurturing selfcare

How do you lovingly take care of yourself? We all know that healthy nutrition is beneficial. But selfcare encompasses so much more, it is feeling into what is good for all parts of us. For our energy, our heart, our mind. So it is also about nourishing yourself on all different levels.

A selfcare practice could include taking time to tune into what you want to read, or what music you want to listen to (and if you want to dance or sing along with that wherever you are), which people are welcome in your inner circle, how you talk to yourself, giving yourself space to explore how you want to express your sexuality, making sure you get enough sleep, or just not rushing yourself in the shower.

What makes you hungry (for life)?
What is your answer if you would ask yourself what you need in this moment?

Relaxation and recharge

Relaxation is necessary for our inner stress management. Slowing down so the levels of cortisol and adrenaline can go down. Resting and smiling, just being in the moment.
Maybe you want to be doing things that have no apparent use, but simply because you enjoy doing them. Or practising the art of doing nothing, to tune into the effortless flow and recharge. Taking a deep breath and letting go …

We charge all our electrical appliances regularly for optimal service.
What do you need to recharge?

Creativity and joy 

Creativity is the highway to open to the miracle of life.
Our sacred joy and creative power are an important source of vitality and well-being. The feminine especially is made for creation, it is a natural movement of opening up and unfolding. Bringing your relationship with creativity alive, respecting the creative energy, how do you value that?
There is great satisfaction to bringing the divine flow into expression with our hands, with our bodies. It is our medicine to the world, and sharing that from a joyful heart amplifies the magical effect.
We often remind ourselves of this with the words of Gabrielle Bernstein: ‘Joy is the ultimate creator’.

How do you tune in to your sacred joy and creative power?

Beloved body

We often bring much stress to the table when our bodies are concerned. There are so many ideas what our bodies should look like and should be able to do. We more easily look at our bodies through the eyes if the critic than with the eyes of the loving grandmother. The change to loving your body, honoring this vehicle with which you give expression to this human live is phenomenal.

Our body is made to move and is always changing and evolving. Embodiment is making contact with that movement within and listening to the wisdom of your body.

Which movements does your body enjoy? Where and how do you respect your own limits?


We are connected in all kinds of ways; genetically, socially, in the energy, online and through mirror neurons in our brains. In the connection and reflection with another, we are invited to (get to) know ourselves. To see the other as another you.
We believe that we have a natural desire for cooperation and for genuine connection. By consciously making contact, we can grow and be there for each other, just be without having to fix, solve or give advice.
Relationships can even be seen in a larger picture, connection to the earth, to all living things, to spirit, to your inner self.
By realizing that you are part of this intricate web of connections you honor the relations and get to take your place.

What do you need to open up to the connection? How do you make contact with yourself?

Nature’s wisdom

Nature has a healing effect on us. Time spend in nature can bring us peace, beauty and we see ourselves in it in a certain way: we are part of nature and nature is part of us.
The natural rhythm of the ocean, the ebb and flow; connected to the cycles of the moon; the seasons in many parts of the world; the blossoming and giving fruit of plants and trees; they all remind us how life is lived in cycles, up and down, just see the sun coming up and going down again. It is so very different from how we have often organized life, and taking time for nature’s wisdom invites us to take a breath and tune into our cyclical essence.

How do you experience that you are part of nature? In which way can you surrender to your natural rhythm? Do you spend time in your favorite places in nature?

Giving and receiving

Sometimes we focus so much on the giving, that we do not realize we are running on empty. Then we feel depleted and shut off. Opening up to receptivity is then one of the hardest parts to do. We say: “No it’s ok, I’ll manage” and go on, maybe even working and giving a bit more. Freeing yourself to only giving from the heart when it is good for you, and opening up to replenishing yourself by receiving what wants to come to you is a magical way to wellbeing.
A true sense of abundance is about knowing that you are part of a constant flow of exchange and expansion. A generous heart can both give and receive.

Gratitude is one of the keys to abundance. What gift do you have to give? How do you express your gratitude? 

Open to learning

As a baby we learn something new every day. We look at the world with childlike wonder and curiosity. Science has long argued that this development stops at a certain age, but it has now been discovered that this is a capacity we continue to have until the end of our lives.
This learning is more about circular growth, rather than thinking in terms of bigger and better and stronger and more.
If we see expansion like the opening of a rose bud, or the wings of a bird, it only feels so logical and right that we also expand. Our minds stay healthy and open when challenged by new things, by learning about other wisdom we stay flexible and we can adapt to new situations.
So this way of being open to learning also has an element of “unlearning”, the ability to let go of what we thought was how it should be and embrace what is. Peeling of the layers we call this.

What sparks your curiosity? Which layers do you want to lovingly peel off to let the sun that you are shine?


Pondering about the meaning of life has been a part of human existence since a long long time. Spirituality, religion, philosophy, it is practiced in all cultures around the globe. From the Rainbow Serpent in the songlines in Aboriginal cultures to the Egyptian worshipping of their gods, from the Maya prophesies to the Christian traditions, and all the countless shaman and wisdom practices found all around the world.  

In our modern day society much of this wisdom has felt lost or very restricted, leaving many of us wandering. So we have to find our own way to make space to reflect on what is really important in life, to give meaning and value to your existence. Deeply knowing that you are part of a larger whole puts the daily issues in perspective and gives you strength to contribute in your own way.

Do you have a daily practice to strenghten your awareness?