How do you want to be known in these turbulent times? How do you rise up with all the challenges we face collectively and personally?

These are important questions for us, and we felt we wanted to contribute somehow to finding answers. This past year has been quite interesting and has definitely raised the issue of how well we look after ourselves when things turn out quite different than we thought. Can we transcend the daily drama in an embodied way?

Our desire with this Circle of Resilience is to create sacred space where we can remember, and remind each other about our higher purpose. Where we see each other and ourselves answering the call to participate in the planetary transformation for an emerging future.

Each and every one of us on our own journey, and yet by coming together in taking our stand and holding our vision for the healing of humanity and all life on earth, we are part of a larger field. Supporting and inspiring each other to bring your unique gift to expression.

We see resilience as the ability to fully embrace life, even if it is hard, if you want to look away or wish something was not happening. To make contact with your inner source and ground in your centre.

There is inevitable grief and pain in everyone’s life, as well as joy and beauty. These opposites are part of the human experience. They do not exclude each other, you can have sleepless nights from worry and be deeply touched by a kind gesture. There can be fear and excitement for the unknown. Feeling nothing and everything is possible at the same time. We actually need the dark to be fully aware of our light and the power of letting it shine.

Brene Brown calls it “brutiful”, how life gets to be both “beautiful and brutal”.
So what is your answer to all of this?

Resilient living invites us to navigate with curiosity and gentleness through this process of falling down and getting up again and again.
To allow the hurt and the vulnerability as is, and come into inspired action as well, a new doorway to live opens up. A synthesis, a union, like the colours that appear at sunset when light and dark meet.
That way we live this gift of life to the fullest, like it actually wants to be enjoyed. Letting our zest for life extend into areas thus unknown, unravelling new possibilities and finding unexpected guidance for our next step.

So we can build towards this new world and humanity in trust even if we do not know yet how exactly.

It surpasses our to-do lists, and our have-to’s, meeting expectations, living up to an image. It is simply asking you to do what you came to do here. Nothing more and nothing less. Simple but not always easy to accomplish.

Therefore coming together in circle is so important for us. Giving and receiving support in our journey, letting all your cells know that you are not alone.
We hope these honest and pure conversations will nourish your soul and resilience and help you find your own answers.