Every year is a new edition and never quite the same, even though we also love the rituals and traditions that help build our circle. This year we have decided to change some things around, as Marcella had twins this summer. This both challenges and strengthens her resilience. It also means that she wants to balance her attention a little more between home and this circle in a different way. At the same time, Marike has been traveling a lot and her last trip was pretty intense and she needed more time to “land” back home. So somewhere in our journey we found that we did not end up inviting many people.
As we move resiliently with what life now asks of us and gives to us, we will be discovering what this year of our circle will look like.

Click on “edition 2023-2024” to Find out.

The other buttons will take you to the conversations of previous years. Still very fascinating to watch of course, because resilience is timeless!