Resilience has always been there. It is that power that holds it all together, a power that resides in the matrix of life itself. We find it in the inbuilt knowing of the seed that germinates.  Even though so fragile and malleable it pierces through the dark, hard, cold earth, to become the flower it was always meant to be. The quest becomes one of reclaiming our access to this great, yet subtle power and to find our own ways that remind us of our connection with it all. Resilience is important for me because it is a reminder that my life, this dance with the Great Mystery requires being with all that is. It teaches me not to hardship away and to accept the truth that life has always been uncertain and untamable and it always will. And out of this to find creative ways to come back to the heart, to that place of wholeness, from where one can still live a meaningful, rich life, even in the midst of any tornado.

I am a body therapist, yoga teacher, yet forever a student of Nature and a servant of the Great Mystery. 

As a trained and experienced therapist, I listen deeply to the body, understanding where the blockages and tensions sit, and invite them to melt, so that you can live your best life, enjoying a body that moves with ease and fluidity.  

I also have a background in philosophy, sociology and anthropology, and I find that this is giving me a unique insight into understanding the depth of the human being and the splendor of life, and it offers me a strong foundation to my practice as a cranio sacral body therapist.

Besides the above I am deeply passionate about shamanism, writing poetry, painting and dancing.

Livia Grintescu
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