Resilience for me is the ability to bounce back in a relatively short period of time despite of the fact how painful a current situation. Resilience is a conscious choice to give myself time and space to heal my wounds by means of going through my emotions and thoughts: feeling them and exploring them; finding answers: why it is happening to me, how it is good for me, how it makes me stronger and wiser in a long run.

I am a life coach, mentor, teacher and a life-learner; a person who loves to give support to others from the heart. My roots are in cold and beautiful Siberia, but I am a citizen of the World and blessed to work
with people from all over the globe. During the last 15 years my base has been The Netherlands.
My huge resilience journey started in 2005, when I moved in the Netherlands for a 2-year international Master programme in Urbanism. This Master programme inspired me to pursue a PhD and learn more about individuals’ behavior in urban environment. In my doctorate I focused on environmental psychology and individual space-time behavior in public space. This topic catered to my fascination with
human behavior, motivation and thinking patterns, and eventually brought me into the realm of life coaching.
My personal resilience journey ‘from PhD to life coach’ has involved a lot of self-reflection and learning about the world and myself beyond the academic environment. I recognized that people fascinate me
and by overcoming my personal challenges I love to teach others and guide them through their challenges towards personal growth and resilience. This personal journey allowed me to realize that my
biggest talent is my ability to heal people through creating a meaningful connection, listening to them and inspiring them.

The first three ladies who show up for themselves by contacting Anastasia will receive a free session by their choice: a Coaching session, an energy healing, an oracle cards reading or a combination!
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