How you can connect to your resilience, even or especially when you feel that your development is on hold. That actually by taking a break, you can lift your personal, but also professional development to a ‘higher level’. You do not have to stop completely, but just a little pauze now and then, does wonders.

Suzanne Stikvoort-Quéré is a coach and trainer and author.

After working in education for ten years, she switched to working as a children’s coach in 2013. She has specialized in systemic coaching and  family constellations. She is a certified trainer of ‘infinite possibilities’ of TUT. The last years she has developed programs and training courses for coaches.

This past year Suzanne put her business on pause. She focussed on moving, letting go of stuff and also letting go of her business as she knew it.

She found out, that you sometimes need more patience for processes….. and if you take time, be with it and accept, a moment will come, that makes you realise you are about to enter a new springtime in your life.
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Suzanne Stikvoort