Often it is needed from us to be able to make a switch or shift internally, if you feel overwhelmed or whatever feeling is showing up instead of feeling resilient or balanced.
This shift you often reach through stopping, whatever you do or what you are in for the moment.

Take a break, rest, stop.
Take a deep breath and see what is really needed in the moment.
Give yourself some time to breathe, rest or sleep, go outside in nature or move your body and then you will get easy excess again to your inner wisdom.

Nataly empowers woman especially starseeds, priestesses and medicin woman to see their own beauty, come back to their power and create with their Joy and ease the life they love to live on earth.

As keeper of the earth, it is one of her passions to connect you to the love of mother earth and her light. She works as a mediator between heaven and earth with the help of guides from the earthly and heavenly realm that are here for your highest good of all.
As a herbal cosmic Shaman Nataly brings the light to the dark and helps to solve the fear of death.

She is in a special way connected to the herbal kingdom.You can experience that through her guided creation of the “Oils of the Goddess” and her healingwork.

As a healer and teacher in and with many different techniques.
Nataly worked since 2003 self employed as a naturopath in her own praxis.

Working with the source Nataly taps directly into the akashic records and heals from the core.
She is a priestess of the great Goddess and leads rituals for different life phases and the cycles of the year.

She is happy to support you in bringing your dreams and projects down to earth:

You can work with Nataly in her program “Dream and Create/ Goddess Creates” 1:1 and in group to dive into your soul purpose and work & create with fun and ease from your core.

Traditional Healingarts & Earthmagic: creating with fun and magic “heaven on earth” for the best of our future generations.

Through my own physical pain from disc problems as early as my 20’s while training as a dancer, I have deep insight into the functions of body/mind and spirit. I could not walk for months.
Over the last 20 years I have learned a lot of what is possible for us here on earth.
I have worked as a healer and teacher in various techniques.

I love the sea, I love to laugh, and dancing is my elixir.“

You can use my Freebie “inner temple meditation” to dive deeper into your heart and connect to your soul, to create something that supports you in your daily life.

And you will see: All what you need next is very easy and simple, nurtures you often and brings joy back into your life. Then you are able to switch your focus to whatever is needed.

Opening up to “All is here now.” and stop chasing, what you think, you need to run after..