Women are born with innate resilience by virtue of our biology, our close connection with the moon which grooms us into the adaptability or acceptance of change. We are cyclical beings who rise and fall like the ocean tides and understand a different flow of life.

I was given the name Kisma at birth My roots are deeply submerged in a creative soul. I can not stay away from creating for long as it truly is who I am. I am dedicated to the efforts of assisting others awaken to and flame the inner fire of creativity into full expression by offering eCourses, weekly Live Stream Twitch.TV episodes, ZOOM classes & workshops. Since 1982, I have been active in women spirituality & Goddess communities, facilitating women’s rites of passages and leading sacred circles; this experience is woven into my unique teaching style. Many have called me a Shaman, a High Priestess, a Mystic, but I like to say, “I’m me. Call me Kisma.” I do not hold a university degree in art. I have simply always been an artist, though I have studied with a number of art programs and teachers over the years.