To quote the Artist Prince – “I’m not your lover, I’m not your friend I am something that you’ll never comprehend”, but if I were to try and describe who I will be to you on this journey, I will be your mentor, your oracle, and guide. I am here to stand in my power to help you reclaim your sovereignty.

Hi, I’m Hazel

My role as mentor of the deep feminine wisdom, visionary artist and writer is more than simply testifier or interpreter, but in many ways as priestess and alchemist, creating transformational experience, facilitating women especially to access their innate creative intelligence, build confidence and reclaim the gold of their own deep wisdom.

Let’s change the connotation of what it means to be a powerful woman. Let’s dance in the moonlight of our femininity with passion and gentle innocence, let’s create with intention, build with momentum in resonance with our deepest joy and love, let’s sing with nature herself and bring darkness to its knees. It is our birthright as women to remember all the love that we are and live a life of blissful contentment. To be raw and real. Naked and nurtured. Playful and passionate. Deep and daring. To be it all in the magical dance of life.

Hazel Evans