Resilience! It’s the inner fortitude that keeps us moving forward and digging deeper. It helps us bounce back better and quicker when life throws challenges our way. Our resilience is determined by our resistance. The more resistance we have the less resilient we are. Going deep into ourselves, peeling away the layers of trauma, connecting to the golden flow of life itself inside of us teaches us to let go of resistance and live in a place of true presence and acceptance of anything that comes our way – and then we truly learn the gift of resilience.
Vicki is an ACC & NLP Certified Transformational Women’s Coach who has been leading the way in life and business. She believes every individual has the potential to live an authentic fulfilled life unsilenced life!. Her mission is for all women to heal, connect and discover their greatest potential for lying a joyous aligned life! She powerfully combines the following: – Learning new tools and strategies for growth – Complete healing from the past, – Connecting to your own internal guidance – Partnering with your brain for powerful change – Creating Meaningful Connected Communities for transformation

Vicki Haddock
Leadership Coach and Consultant
Transcending Limits

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