I think it is through an experience like maternity (but also depression, changing jobs, making big changes in your life…) that I can fully put my finger on what resilience means. Since becoming a mama, it was brought to a whole other level. For example: how can I cope through a full day of taking care not only of my child, but also of myself and everything that I want to accomplish if I only had 2 hours of sleep? Being resilient to me means going into the depth of my own resources. Finding that inner anchor that I can go to when I need to know that everything will pass and light is waiting for me behind the big black cloud. Being humble enough to let go of my own idea of what perfection is and admit that not every day is all smiles and rainbow and that it is ok.

Originally a pastry chef for 10 years – a job that made me travel the world and lead a very exciting and delicious, although very tiring life – I suffered depression and burn out throughout 2017, which led me to rethink my relationship to work and to myself. I flew out to Bali in April 2018 to start a Yoga teacher training and became a certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. My main yearning is to teach others the tools that bring me so much on a daily basis, be it self-consciousness, yoga asanas or simply remembering to take a breath when I need it. I am also training to become an Ayurvedic nutrition therapist, another tool very much linked to Yoga that I’d like to use to further my being of service to people. On October 18th 2020 I also became a mom for the first time: what a sweet hurricane in one’s life!