Resilience to me has everything to do with surrendering, the ability to be in the now, and moving through unimaginable difficulties with the least amount of resistance that’s possible. Because you know every ounce of resistance that you will bring to it, will enlarge your suffering to unmeasured heights.

I’ve learned two important things when it comes to resilience:
1. We all have the ability to bear and endure much more than we imagine to be possible. It’s incredible what we can handle physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Even when you feel you enter the end of your ability to keep on going, there’s more ability to hold it coming forward.
2. Being a resilient ‘warrior’ might the best way to get through such difficult moments, but it can also become a prison and therefore holding you back from true inner freedom. After we’ve built this resilience-muscle and survived unbearable things (mostly more than once) – we unconsciously tend to hold a ‘batch of honor’ on how well we master the art of resilience. This will keep us stuck in a repeating pattern of encountering circumstances that ask for resilience. True freedom lies beyond that.

Leontine Boxem – Certified Coach, award-winning Author, Speaker, Cancer Thriver, solo Mom of three, Artist and Creative Mentor. Helping emphatic men and women who’ve already proved to be so strong and resilient, to change perspective and see they don’t have to work hard and become more – to finally enter the stage where the good life, joy and true connection is waiting for them. “You don’t need more strength, you need more love, joy and life-juice. And the good news is: that’s already inside you!”

She offers life changing experiences to beautiful Souls, who feel ready to step into the light of their own story and become free and unstoppable creators. In her work she’s known for going deep without drama, for huge transformational effects, and for a combination of a high dose realness with a high dose love and true connection.

After 20 years of experience and having worked with hundreds of beautiful souls, she found her own unique method which helps to creates both instant liberation as well as quantum transformations. It’s a combination of Psychosynthesis, Spiritual Psychology, Healing and energy work, Ancient rituals, Psychology and Mindset, Systemic Constellation work and Creative expression.

Leontine Boxem



Download here your free ‘Resilience Kit’. It’s a little survivors kit for challenging times and provides 5 tips to build your ‘resilience-muscle’. Save it to your documents, because you can use it every time you feel stuck, overwhelmed and lost in life and feel you could use some help to get yourself out of the contracted feelings, and into your inner freedom. With additional Heart-Journal instructions.

Extra gifts:

I love to offer a special gift to you as member of the Circle of Resilience! If something resonated with you during listening to our conversation about resilience and path of becoming truly free inside, there is the opportunity to work with me very intimate and personalized for 3 weeks. And now you as a member of the Circle of Resilience, can get 20% off with this code ‘resillience20217364’ when booked before March 26th.

In your 3-week ‘Free & Unstoppable Kickstart Intensive’ we will laserfocus on your personal situation, your being, your desires, your challenges and questions. In 3 weeks you can expect a series of deep transformations. Due to the intimate character of this offer, there are limited spaces per month available.

Take a look here, what’s includes: . Payment plan available. Any questions, please email .

Free Conscious Cancer Sessions 
Once a month I offer a free live online gathering called ‘The Conscious Cancer Club circle’, specially for for those who live with cancer, have survived cancer or have loved ones with cancer.

You are welcome to join every first Sunday of the month at 19.30 CET (check out your timezone here, feel welcome to bring friends or family (men and women).

The sessions will be held inside my free group on Facebook.
More info & connection at Instagram.