Over the past few years I realised I have quite some resilience. Being burnt out, breaking up a long relationship, moving to a new town ánd starting working as an entrepeneur; I did it. I persevered, because I kept listening to what my heart was telling me.

This is what resilience is to me: returning time and again to Source, my core, my essence. Getting to know myself better and better, learning what drives me, what values are holy to me. Deep within myself I find peace and quiet and the answer to the question what my next step should be. 

From that place, I am manifesting and creating my life – and when I am not careful, also the dark and not-so-nice parts. I learn more and more: we are all magicians!

For this conversation it is useful to have the following items ready:
paper, pens and any other creative items you have around the house.

My work revolves around selfreflection and my vehicle is creativity. I have created oracle cards with a booklet that can be used to travel a year through the themes on the cards and creative assignments. This way you get to know yourself and you can start making different choices that will shape your life into the life you want. I believe firmly in this, since it has shaped my life as well. 

In my workspace in the center of Amersfoort I offer workshops in making Dreamboards and I work with other entrepeneurs on visibility – both practical (in building a website) and emotional; what keeps you from being visible? 

My workspace is a lovely, homely and comfy place, a Space to Be. I rent it out and organise all kind of things there, as a way to share my abundance and to bring people together. My spare bedroom is for rent through Airbnb (or better yet; directly through my website). You are very welcome!