As long as I can remember my body has not been able to do all the things my brain wants to do. I have been sick a lot and I’ve been injured a lot. It took a long time to find a balance between the things my brain wants and the things my  body can do.
I know that resilience is the main reason that I was able to get back up after every fallback. It’s resilience that helped me look for alternative ways to do something after finding out it wasn’t an option physically.
Resilience helped me continue to offer Yoga and reach my community during Covid quarantines and lockdowns. With resilience I have found ways to find balance in life, knowing how to give both my brain and my body what they need.

Biddy is a Yoga teacher based in Delft, the Netherlands. Next to live and in person classes she offers an online membership open to anyone looking for accessible and inspiring Yoga classes from her home to yours. The membership offers a mix of live online classes and shorter exclusive content you can do whenever you want.

She teaches several styles of Yoga, from Flow to Restorative and from Nidra to Aerial. All these classes have in common that they focus on conscious movement as Biddy invites and helps you to make the practice suit your needs in that moment. Letting go of how you think Yoga should look, or what others are doing, instead finding a true connection to your body, your mind and all the layers that make you YOU.

In 2021 she launched the Show Up&Surrender Podcast together with Marcella, in which they talk about life. The good things, the hard things and all the things that live in between.In her personal life Yoga helps her find balance, strength, softness and resilience.

She says it’s how she stays sane. It’s because of how Yoga has helped her, that she is passionate about sharing her practice and her thoughts with others. Hoping it will connect them to their truest self and find ways to nurture what they find.


Biddy Messchaert


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