When your life goes kaboom and rips apart everything you believed in and makes mockery of your sacrifice, how do you bounce back and flourish and thrive?

Catt Z is the creator of Cosmic Smash Booking, an upleveled art journaling process designed to crush the perfectionist, bypass the ego, expand and transform yourself so you may go out and transform others. Catt believes that everyone has a powerful soul calling to deliver in this life. She looks for women who are committed to overcoming their limited beliefs to create their dreams so that they live to their highest potential and live their best life. After a long history as a software designer and ignoring her talents as an artist, Catt created Cosmic Smash Booking to support others to discover their gifts in the world and be an agent of expansion and transformation for others. As a woman whose life went kaboom in her 60’s and got the opportunity to rebuild her like, she knows how to guide others to thrive and flourish